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    • March 16, 2017 5:36 PM GMT
    • Looking for medical writing/editing jobs in California

      Hello everyone, I am looking for medical writing/editing jobs in San Francisco city or the bay area in California, US. After
      having worked for two years as a Senior Cell Process Engineer in a cord blood
      bank, I entered the field of medical/scientific editing and medical
      communications three years ago because I strongly believe that the lack of
      ability to communicate well should not hamper the growth of science. As an
      Associate Editor at a scientific communications company, I worked with several
      clients who had great scientific expertise but could not disseminate their
      knowledge to the international scientific community due to several reasons.
      This experience further increased my interest in the field of medical/scientific
      editing, as I learned that my knowledge of editorial and publication practices
      and my educational background could be put to good use to contribute to the growth
      of the international scientific community.
      During my tenure at my
      previous company, I have edited and helped in the publication of over a
      thousand research manuscripts from different fields of biology such as Cell
      Biology, Developmental Biology, Genetics, Molecular Biology, and Molecular
      Oncology. I am also well versed with the ethical guidelines related to
      scientific and academic publications and have complete knowledge of the peer
      review process. My role as an editor also
      involved constant communications with clients that were aimed at catering the
      edits to their requirements, which greatly helped me polish my communication
      skills. Please let me know if any one here knows of any opportunities for me.Thanks! 

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