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  • Conversation: Life Science opportunities within industry

    • March 18, 2017 9:05 PM GMT
    • Life Science opportunities within industry

      Hello! I am a recent PhD graduate in Biomedicine with a focus on Stem Cell Biology from Lund University, Sweden. My research work revolved around neural stem cells and the role of their regulators in brain tumor development. I have a purely academic background in stem cell biology and molecular biology and I am trying to transition to industry. I am also a copyeditor. I am looking for entry level opportunities in Life Science, more specifically in Regulatory Affairs, Quality Control, Project Management, Process Management, or as a Medical/Scientific Writer or Technical Coordinator. I would be willing to relocate. After so many years in academia, I want to at last contribute tangibly to healthcare and be part of something bigger and more meaningful. Any leads would be highly appreciated! Best regards, Isabelle.

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