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  • Conversation: Medical devices a ‘bulls-eye’ for cyber-attacks, says cybersecurity executive

    • December 15, 2017 11:10 AM GMT
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      Medical devices a ‘bulls-eye’ for cyber-attacks, says cybersecurity executive

      The influx of networked devices in the clinical environment has opened the door to faster, more effective treatment, equipping clinicians with tools to help them cope with rising patient numbers.
      Yet it also exposes the industry to the multitude of threats associated with the digital world. With such a large focus being placed on the clinical functionality of medical equipment, comparatively little has been spent ensuring they are adequately protected.
      During the global WannaCry outbreak, ransomware inflected at least 1,220 pieces of NHS diagnostic equipment, with more being disconnected to stop it spreading further.
      Rusty Carter, vice president of product management at Arxan Technologies, points out that medical devices and critical systems in particular were not originally designed to operate in networked environments, leaving the healthcare community easy prey for cyber-criminals.
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