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  • Conversation: ViiV chalks up another win for two-drug HIV regimen

    • August 15, 2018 1:43 PM BST
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      ViiV chalks up another win for two-drug HIV regimen

      GlaxoSmithKline unit ViiV has shown that a two-drug HIV regimen given just once a month by injection can match the efficacy of daily, oral dosing with triple therapy.
      The results of the ATLAS study enrolled people with HIV who were already controlling the virus using an oral regimen of two nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitors (RTIs) plus a third drug. After switching to the injectable regimen of integrase inhibitor cabotegravir and Johnson & Johnson’s non-nucleoside RTI rilpivirine, the patients showed similar efficacy after 48 weeks’ treatment, with ViiV’s combination just as good at suppressing viral load.
      If approved, the new regimen could allow HIV patients to be freed from having to take daily doses of antiretrovirals for the first time drug treatment for the infection first became available in 1987. It also gives ViiV another fillip in its long-standing battle for supremacy in the HIV market with arch-rival Gilead Sciences.
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