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    • December 19, 2019 7:09 PM GMT
    • Seeking New Opportunities

      I am a Versatile Ph.D.
      Polymer/Organic Chemist and Inventor with 10 + years of international
      experience. Proficient in synthesis, characterization, product and process
      development, prototyping, development and commercialization of transformative
      biomedical technologies to improve the safety and effectiveness of medical
      I worked on patented
      technologies for saving lives, currently in medical devices approved world-wide
      and also in US clinical trials. These involve technologies to reduce thrombus
      in medical devices without the use of Heparin and impart antimicrobial
      properties for infection control without the use of antibiotics. I have 25
      patents till date on these.
      I am looking for new
      opportunities in the Polymer/Organic Chemistry Applications with a focus on
      Biotechnology including Biomedical Polymers, Medical devices, Polymer
      Therapeutics, Regenerative Medicine, Tissue Engineering &
      Bio-Pharmaceuticals and also for Industrial Applications  e.g Construction materials, foams, sealants,
      adhesives,  insulations, electronics  etc.   I
      have a unique complementary skill-set that can be transferred to a variety of
      employment areas. I have attached my CV for your review should there be any
      positions as a Polymer/Materials Chemist.  Look forward to your feedback.
      Sanjoy Mullick, Ph.D

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