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    • February 1, 2020 12:22 PM GMT
    • Pigmentation Treatment in Gurgaon

      hormonal imbalance, and excessive exposure to the sun rays result in
      sun-tan, pigmentation, dark spots, etc., which can even get more
      prominent if not treated on time. Hyperpigmentation results in uneven
      skin tone, dark spots on the skin, and this affects an individual's
      personality and outlook. Therefore, one must consider taking medical
      treatment at the earliest and consult a dermatologist to prevent such
      skin conditions from further worsening. An individual can visit Aster
      Dermatology for pigmentation
      treatment in Gurgaon and consult Dr. Niti
      Gaur. Recognized as the best pigmentation specialist in Gurgaon, Dr.
      Niti Gaur provides the most reliable skin-care treatment to each
      patient at her clinic, Aster Dermatology. The clinic offers treatment
      such as chemical peel, photofacial treatments, laser toning,
      microdermabrasion, laser, topical creams, and many more to treat
      pigmentation. For more information, visit Aster Dermatology, the best
      skin-care clinic for pigmentation treatment in Gurgaon.For more details, visit:
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