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    • May 15, 2020 2:04 PM BST
    • (Domain for Sale)

      Dear all,
      As you all must be aware, there are lot of digital leaders and research organisations focusing on biomarker research to understand the nature of ebiomarkers and how it could lead to better diagnostic tool(s) for the future patients.
      I thought I would reach out to a wider network if any of you is interested to purchase the domain I own. The name of the domain is and in brief it simply represents Digital Biomarkers.
      I strongly believe that this domain has strong potential in biomarker research and in digital health as a whole. I believe the domain could act as a library of every eBiomarker ever discovered, researched and implemented in everyday life. A platform which will allow researchers and public members to learn on biomarkers, their relevant recent activities, their significance and much more which could be accessible globally.
      I would be really obliged to hear your thoughts. Please do visit the page and any feedback is welcome. Many thanks for your time in reading this. I really look forward to hearing from you (maybe with an offer!?).
      Best wishes,
      Bhavesh Pratap
      Domain owner of
      My UK number is +44-77-33-640-321

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