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  • Conversation: New LIMS group on LinkedIn

    • August 12, 2020 2:34 PM BST
    • LIMS - Answers to the questions you were afraid to ask?

      I hope you are all well and staying safe. Please note that a new LIMS ( Laboratory Information Management System ) LinkedIn group has been formed - LIMS4U - an independent LIMS site to help share LIMS knowledge. Please type "lims4u" in to the search bar to see it or take a look at The site also has several useful papers on LIMS. These include:

      1. How to Buy a LIMS System

      2. Justifying the purchase of a LIMS ( ROI examples )

      3. Validating a LIMS 

      4. Using a LIMS to Improve Laboratory Efficiency and Profitability

      5. Stability Guide ( standalone or part of LIMS software )

      6. Biobank software

      Please email to request a copy ( please state which paper(s) you would like to receive ).

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