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  • Conversation: Virtual 5 Day Event: Present content, products and/or services

    • September 30, 2020 7:37 PM BST
    • Virtual 5 Day Event: Present content, products and/or services

      OHLA (Omnia Health Live Americas Edition) will take place this November 2-6, 2020. A Week-long ONLINE live global VIRTUAL medical expo, which gives you a platform to present your company, organization, content, products, and/or services to a targeted audience. The concept behind OHLA is simple, we are giving YOU as well as ALL of our exhibitors, attendees, buyers, and contacts from all of our FIME, Expomed and Hospitalr medical events and databases the opportunity to participate and network “virtually” with our global audience of healthcare distributors and dealers, key buyers, procurement managers, clinicians and many more. This event will be in English, also it will be available in Spanish and Portuguese, making it accessible to all of Latin America. Over 50 events on the platform. Many are live panels, Q&A, and webinarsof which you are able to access at leisure during the week of the event. There will be 4 weeks prior of pre-show activity making it 5 weeks of potential connections and opportunites. Contact: Carol Prokap
      Sales Manager | Healthcare Informa Markets
      + 1 941-302-9243

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