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  • Conversation: Oxford University’s malaria vaccine is 77% effective

    • April 26, 2021 2:10 PM BST
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      Oxford University’s malaria vaccine is 77% effective

      A malaria vaccine, developed by researchers at Oxford University, has demonstrate high-level efficacy of 77% in a phase 2b trial – an ‘extremely positive result’.
      Results from a phase 2b trial of the vaccine candidate – R21/Matrix-M – have been published on SSRN/Preprints with The Lancet.
      In their findings, the Oxford researchers noted that their vaccine is the first to meet the World Health Organization’s (WHO) goal for a malaria vaccine with at least 75% efficacy.
      The phase 2b trial conducted at the Clinical Research Unit of Nanoro (CRUN) in Burkina Faso recruited 450 participants aged five to 17 months from the catchment area of Nanoro, covering 24 villages with an approximate population of 65,000 people.
      Two groups were allocated to received the R21/Matrix-M vaccine – either with a low dose or high dose of Novavax’s Matrix-M adjuvant – while the third control group received a rabies vaccine.
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