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  • Conversation: GSK and CureVac sign deal with Germany for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

    • April 14, 2022 11:14 AM BST
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      GSK and CureVac sign deal with Germany for mRNA COVID-19 vaccines

      GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and CureVac have announced the agreement of a new deal with the German government. The agreement is part of a Pandemic Preparedness Contract, and will supply the German government with mRNA vaccines for use during future public health emergencies.
      Roger Connor, president of vaccines and global health at GSK, said: “We welcome this announcement by the German federal government, which aims to strengthen the country's preparedness against future pandemics.
      “Our mRNA development programme in collaboration with CureVac could play a key role for pandemic preparedness thanks to adaptability of the mRNA technology and its potential for a rapid response, in combination with our significant vaccine manufacturing expertise.”
      After an initial start-up time frame of two years, the contract allows the German government to access CureVac’s manufacturing capacity until 2029. This means that 80 million mRNA-based vaccine doses could be made available at short notice, for either the current COVID-19 pandemic or in case of future pandemics.
      “Over the last two years, our social and economic lives as well as global healthcare systems and medical supply infrastructures were severely challenged by the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Dr Franz-Werner Haas, chief executive officer of CureVac.
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