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  • Conversation: MarketsandMarkets Next-Gen Genomics and Proteomics Conference | 9th - 10th March 2023

    • March 3, 2023 11:18 AM GMT
    • MarketsandMarkets Next-Gen Genomics and Proteomics Conference | 9th - 10th March 2023

      Neoteric Breakthrough in Scientific and Clinical Paradigms of Genomics and Proteomics
      The Human Genome Project has changed biology and biological discoveries, paving the door for us to return to ambitious scientific cooperation.
      As a result, the principles of genomics and proteomics have established themselves as essential tools for novel diagnostic approaches and medical research. Rapid advancements in high throughput technology for genetic and proteomic profiling have contributed to the much-anticipated development of tailored treatment for complicated disorders. Want to learn such interesting facts about human genome? Why wait - Join us at our Next-Gen Genomics and Proteomics Conference, organized by MarketsandMarkets, in London, UK, on March 9th and 10th, 2023.
      The conference will incorporate a variety of sessions, including those on functional genomics and organellar proteomics in biomedicine, applied and translational genomics, epigenomics in systems biology, immune phenotyping using Flowcytometry and Immuno Metabolic Markers-Polygenic Risk Scores, next-generation sequencing and single-cell sequencing for disease diagnosis, electrospray mass spectrometry-based biomarkers, multidimensional liquid chromatography in clinical proteomics, and genome-wide variations. The gathering includes networking opportunities, panel talks, and services geared towards genomics and proteomics research. To give a broad view of cutting-edge research and development in the field of multi-Omics research, the conference will bring together a wide range of experts, leaders, and stakeholders.
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