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  • Conversation: Moving out from academic and join pharmaceutical companies

    • April 8, 2017 10:01 PM BST
    • Moving out from academic and join pharmaceutical companies

      Hello, I am currently a biotechnologist working as a researcher at University. My research has been focused on Drug delivery and cell imaging. I have lots of experience of cancer cell culture as monolayer or 3D culture or sphere forming. I also have experience on the Actinomycetes isolated from soil and find the effect on prevnenting the growth of fungi. I am a quick learner, detail- oriented and problem solver. I would be pleased if you could offer me a position in the companies that needs a plan maker, such as clinical trials, drug safety or pharmacovigilence. Though I do not have any experience in working in the companies, but I am sure I can cope well very quick to new situation.Elham
    • April 8, 2017 10:05 PM BST
    • I am also open to a new experience as a summer course or internship about 2 months if it is available.

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