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  • Conversation: FDA Announces New Tool to Improve Antibiotic Use

    • December 15, 2017 11:00 AM GMT
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      FDA Announces New Tool to Improve Antibiotic Use

      As part of a larger effort to curb antimicrobial resistance, officials with the FDA have announced a new tool for providing critical information to health care providers about better managing antibiotics and antifungal drugs.
      According to an FDA announcement, the new website will streamline how the FDA updates information used to help providers choose the most appropriate treatment for a patient’s infection.
      Since bacteria and fungi change over time, which may result in decreased susceptibility, it is crucial that providers have access to updated testing criteria, or “breakpoints,” on whether resistance to a particular drug has occurred. The FDA intends the website to provide direct and timely access to this information to allow them to make more informed prescribing decisions.
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