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    • January 14, 2018 5:17 AM GMT
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      Business Development with New

      Dear Members,  Hope your business is prosperous continuously and wish you good health. Actually I need your help cause I'm now trying to penetrate the international market with our innovative ODF.
      First of all, I'm happy to introduce ourselves as I think you will be interested in our unique products.
      We(CL Pharm) are (is) a global pharmaceutical company specialized in Oral Dissolving Film(ODF) for pharmaceuticals and health food. CL Pharm has been constantly developing new oral dosage form of oral dissolving film and its production line with innovative technologies patented by CL Pharm.
      Since its founding in 2003, CL Pharm has been growing rapidly and had successful history of introducing oral dissolving film by grafting taste masking and drug delivery system onto unique technology of edible film that provides easier medication for all ages and patients who have difficulties swallowing or chewing solid dosage forms. Our technology also increases portability of the product that people can take their medication or supplement or health food anytime, anywhere without water.
      Please kindly refer to the enclosed files and stop by our website( showing you more.
      Love to see your feedback!
      Sincerely yours,
      David Choi,
      Director of Sales and Business Development
      Tel : +82-2-466-7007 / +82 70-4345-1915
      Fax : +82-2-466-6346
      Mobile : +82 10-4201-7648
      Skype ID : bizdream
      E-mail :

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