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  • Conversation: Stem Cell Transplant for MS Shows Promise

    • March 20, 2018 4:39 PM GMT
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      Stem Cell Transplant for MS Shows Promise

      A stem cell transplant may be an effective treatment for multiple sclerosis, an international study suggests.
      The treatment involves using cancer drugs to decimate a patient's immune system and then restarting it with a stem cell transplant, BBC News reported.
      The study included 100 patients in the United States, England, Sweden and Brazil with relapsing remitting MS, in which attacks are followed by periods of remission.
      The patients received either stem cell transplantation or drug treatment (control group). After one year, only one patient of 52 in the stem cell transplant group had a relapse, compared with 39 of 50 in the drug group, BBC News reported.
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