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  • Conversation: New artificial enzyme employs light against bacteria

    • April 6, 2018 12:48 PM BST
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      New artificial enzyme employs light against bacteria

      Researchers at RMIT University in Australia have developed an artificial enzyme that uses visible light to break down and destroy bacteria.
      The NanoZymes work by combining light with moisture to create a biochemical reaction that results in OH radicals that break down bacteria.
      When tested using visible light sources the activity of these enzymes increased 20-fold, creating holes in the bacterial cells and killing them.
      Researchers hope that in the future the enzymes could be activated by sunlight.
      RMIT lead researcher Vipul Bansal said: “For a number of years we have been attempting to develop artificial enzymes that can fight bacteria, while also offering opportunities to control bacterial infections using external triggers and stimuli. Now we have finally cracked it.
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