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  • Conversation: Scientists create 'genetic atlas' of proteins in human blood

    • June 7, 2018 12:58 PM BST
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      Scientists create 'genetic atlas' of proteins in human blood

      An international team of researchers led by scientists at the University of Cambridge and MSD* has created the first detailed genetic map of human proteins, the key building blocks of biology. These discoveries promise to enhance our understanding of a wide range of diseases and aid development of new drugs.
      The study, published in the journal Nature, characterised the genetic underpinnings of the human plasma 'proteome', identifying nearly 2,000 genetic associations with almost 1,500 proteins. Previously, there was only a small fraction of this knowledge, mainly because researchers could measure only a few blood proteins simultaneously in a robust manner.
      The researchers used a new technology ("SOMAscan") developed by a company, SomaLogic, to measure 3,600 proteins in the blood of 3,300 people. They then analysed the DNA of these individuals to see which regions of their genomes were associated with protein levels, yielding a four-fold increase on previous knowledge.
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