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  • Conversation: DDF, Immuneering form $1.3m Alzheimer’s research collaboration

    • June 18, 2018 12:50 PM BST
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      DDF, Immuneering form $1.3m Alzheimer’s research collaboration

      Britain’s Dementia Discovery Fund has formed a research collaboration with US group Immuneering Corporation that aims to identify novel drug targets and candidates for Alzheimer's disease.
      Under the deal, the DDF will invest $1.3 million for the use of Immuneering's proprietary computational drug discovery platform to analyse publicly available data sets from Alzheimer’s disease patients.
      The aim is to identify clinically identifiable, mechanistically linked subpopulations within Alzheimer’s disease and generate new molecular entities that will lead to new medicines to treat the condition.
      “The successful discovery of new treatments for dementia will require new approaches that are both systematic and different to what has been attempted to date,” said Tetsu Maruyama, chief scientific officer of DDF.
      Read more:,_immuneering_form_$1.3m_alzheimers_research_collaboration_1240367

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