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  • Conversation: Patient centricity through the shop window

    • August 20, 2018 4:31 PM BST
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      Patient centricity through the shop window

      Patient-centred healthcare is here to stay, so how can pharma sales embrace it?
      Patient centricity is the new rallying call in healthcare with the potential to change the way pharma does business. It’s no longer just a talking point either; increasing numbers of companies are looking to incorporate the ethos into multiple aspects of their businesses with a concerted effort of putting the patient and their needs firmly at the centre. This is being seen in the new wave of patient education and disease awareness materials, as well as in drug development and innovative clinical trial designs. Indeed, the globalisation of the patient voice has prompted industry associations, such as the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations, to provide guidance and education about ethical and effective patient involvement.
      “Developing medicines for patients is not new but developing medicines with patients is,” explains Professor Karen Woolley, global lead, patient partnerships at Envision Pharma Group. “We are seeing more and more clients move beyond the ‘Why involve patients?’ to ‘How do we involve patients?’, and this shift is changing the way companies do business.” She believes the voice of the patient will get stronger, providing positive and transformational change for the industry. However, she adds, the science of ethical and effective patient involvement is still in its infancy.
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