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  • Conversation: Are you an executive woman who wants to become a CEO?

    • October 9, 2018 11:22 AM BST
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      Are you an executive woman who wants to become a CEO?

      If you are an executive WOMAN who envisages:
      • having “me time”
      • managing gender bias
      • growing and learning every day
      • being visible
      • finding an inspirational job
      • using your entrepreneurial flair
      This webinar
      (5 ways to Fast-Track your climb up the ladder) is for you.
      The webinar is going to help you discover:
      • Why managing an unfair situation and overcoming gender bias can help you achieve equal pay and fair promotion.
      • How to build your personal brand, take initiatives, have your voice heard and use your entrepreneurial flair.
      • How to be understood as a person - your passions, interests, and aspirations – professional and personal.
      • How to manage your time better and make more room for “me” time.
      • How understanding your objectives will help you establish a more meaningful career where your contributions are valued.
      If any of this sounds intriguing, register for the webinar here:

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