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    • January 30, 2017 3:15 PM GMT
    • Need your help

      Forming a stable dispersion of the local anesthetic n‐butyl‐p aminobenzoate ( Butamben) for epidural administration.
      The purpose of this study is to form a uniform, stable suspension
      of n‐butyl‐p‐aminobenzoate which can be used
      for epidural administration. All additives used should be approved
      for injection in the human body. When precipitated, the particles should be
      able to give a homogenous suspension after shaking. Particles produced with
      three methods will be compared based on size, release, shape and injectability
      through the catheter. The methods used are a microfluidic system.
      To produce uniform and stable microparticles a new developed technology
      from EmulTech Eindhoven can be used. In this technology, different micro-channels
      cross each other, forming the micro‐particles in the outgoing channel.
      My question is (What is the best stabilizer that I can used in this
      suspense?) Knowing that the size of the particles
      must be (1-10) micrometer.
      Any ideas??????

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