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    • October 23, 2018 1:35 PM BST
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      Paying for Value: Setting up for Success

      There’s no denying that aligning stakeholders around a comprehensive view of value is undeniably still fraught with challenges. But we should be clear about one thing: the transformation from ‘paying for volume’ and “fee-for-service” to this new, holistic value-based healthcare ecosystem is well under way.
      To support you on this journey, eyeforpharma have put together a 50+ page executive report, providing you with a framework to prepare your organization for the new value paradigm of outcomes-based agreements. You can download this executive report free here:
      Download this 50+ page Executive Report and you will get:
      • An outlook for OBA growth in the US marketplace including a look at the structural hurdles curbing OBA expansion
      • Insights from the negotiating table with insights from OBA pioneers on their successes and failures, and how you can learn from them
      • A roadmap to the successful agreement and how to follow an integrative approach across each stage and using outcomes prediction and modelling as a core activity for success
      Access this free report here:

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